Best Bluetooth 2.1 Multimedia Speaker System 2020

Published on: June 17, 2020 by Alok Pujari
We use computers or laptops for home use, gaming, office use. We wish to buy a good speaker system for our computer or laptop at a reasonable price. There are many speakers in the market. I have found a speaker with good sound quality. It is a Bluetooth speaker, which brand name is F&D A521X 2.1 Channel Multimedia Bluetooth Speakers (Black).

Speaker Summary
4" full-range driver for satellites and 6.5" bass driver for subwoofer, plug and play USB reader, Bluetooth 4.0 version, USB reader supporting decoding MP3 / WMA dual formats, seamless PLL technology Digital FM, FMP up to 100 stations, super large wooden cabinet subwoofer and satellite heart-beat bass, high efficient energy-saving design, fluorescence full function remote control deliver, deliver your desired song and FM directly by numeric key via remote Run the station.

Speaker Specifications
Model - F&D A521X; Type - Bluetooth Speaker, Channel - 2:1; Signal to Noise Ratio (dB) - 65dB, Frequency (Hz - KHz) - 120 - 20KHz (satellite) 20 - 120Hz (subwoofer); Remote Control - Yes, FM Radio - Yes; Feature - Plug & play USB reader; Bluetooth 4.0 version, Super big wooden cabinet subwoofer and satellites delivers heart-thumping bass; Satellite driver: 4" full range; Subwoofer driver: 6.5"; Dimensions (WxHxD) - 118x180x113mm (satellite); 252x252x268mm (subwoofer); Weight - 4.9Kg;