How to make an Icon from an Image?

Published on: May 24, 2020 by Alok Pujari
We are occupied on the Internet jobs now. Many of us occupied on blogging and necessarily have their own blog site. Many of us are working with a different niche. Different types of graphics are needed for the websites. Sometimes we find an icon on the Internet for our business. We can make an icon from the images also. There are many websites are served their service to make icon online from images. I have also found an awesome and easy website to make an icon from an image. The process of making an icon from an image is as follows.

  • Go to this website link:
  • Browse and select the input image
  • Set the icon size from change size of Optional Settings section
  • Please ensure the icon size 16x16 pixel 30x30 pixel otherwise it can not be usable
  • Then, click the Start Conversion button
  • After completing the conversion, you can download your output icon by clicking the Download button.