How To Get Fast Traffic For Your Blog/Website?

Published on: April 30, 2020 by Alok Pujari
  • Make your posts evergreen, i.e. the posts can be usable for many years.
  • Use long-tail keywords for your posts. 
  • Write topics on top sharing and trending posts on online media. You can use Google Trends
  • Create On-Page SEO suitable posts, you different tools for SEO like Ubersugget.
  • Sharing on Social Media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Tumbler, Pinterest, etc. 
  • Joining and sharing your blog on blogging communities.
  • Link building, i.e. your blog posts must be published on other relevant websites and guest posting on other blogs.
  • You can use Facebook Ads, because it is very cheap in price now.
  • Use Q&A sites like Quora, Yahoo Answer, You must use these websites very carefully, otherwise, you will be banned and you can not use these websites.
  • Publish free ebooks, tutorial videos, online courses on your blog.
  • Email Traffic can be a good traffic source.
  • You can buy bulk SMS and send it to the community.
  • Create posts regularly, it can be one or two per week.