How to download video from LinkedIn?

Published on: March 31, 2020 by Alok Pujari
One of the most popular social media platform is LinkedIn. LinkedIn is basically an employment service-based social media platform. It ensures professional networking. LinkedIn was founded on December 28, 2002, and launched its service on May 5, 2003. Users have to signup in the LinkedIn website. Users are shared their news, views, images, audios and videos. Sometimes we need to download shared videos from LinkedIn wall. I have found a wonderful site to download videos from the LinkedIn website. The useful website address is mentioned bellow. You have to require video URL in order to download video from LinkedIn.

Just follow the mentioned steps bellow:

1. Go to your LinkedIn wall and Click the Orange Colored Oval (…). Then click Black Colored Oval (Copy link to post). The URL of the video is copied on memory now.

2. Go to the following link:

3. Now paste URL on Green Colored Oval (Textbox) and then click Magenta Colored Oval (Download Button). Now some times is required to process the video download link.

4. Now, click on Yellow Colored Oval (MP4 Download Button), and then the video download starts.

 Thanks all.